Why home automation?

Ease and efficiency of control of various features around the home will greatly enhance the quality of one’s time spent and enjoyment of life. Cypress Systems’ centerpiece of its intelligent home solution is a centralized capability given to you to monitor and control every corner of your home with just one touch – using a web browser remotely and locally. Centralized control can be applied to a wide range of home equipment ranging from lighting, fans, air-conditioners, A/V appliances and motorized curtains.

To ensure that this control is safely under your command only, secured web-based login and real time status on alarm zones, windows, doors, lighting, air-controlling are provided.

To streamline the flow of your in-home living, you can schedule automated actions and create your own “scenariomodes” to perform pre-defined actions for different occasions and desired effects.

And to give you added flexibility to allow you to activate your home system even when you are away from home, control can be performed either via a web portal or by dialing into the system via a regular telephone.

One day in a Smart Home…

To make the above benefits more vividly imaginable, imagine it is a balmy Saturday morning. Like most Saturdays, you are awakened by the tantalizing aroma oozing from your coffee maker at 9 o’clock using the time scheduling control. After savoring your espresso freshly brewed just into the right taste, you decide to go for a brisk walk in the park and perhaps do some grocery shopping on your way home. Safety is never yours to worry, as the moment you shut the door, the “away mode” of your security system ensures al areas are under strict protection.

The weather begins to swelter. To make sure the house is cool on your return, you dial into the home system to get the air-conditioning on. You are delighted to have installed the fingerprint doorlock as you step back into house, since access is still easy even when you have hands full with carrier bags - the hassle of searching for a doorlock with shopping spilling everywhere is far from a concern to you.

Suddenly, your doorbell rings. You check out the visitor via the touchscreen video doorphone: a delivery man has your latest stereo order at the door.

Having installed the new stereo system, you can’t wait to watch a movie. So with one simple touch on the remote control, you change the ambience of the entire lounge: lights dimmed, curtains drawn, and most importantly, the popcorn maker switched on, creating your very own theater. And while you are enjoying yourself, you make sure your kids are in perfect condition with the picture-in-picture mode showing real-time web videos of their bedrooms.

How do we do it?

We integrate all control features associated with lighting including: occupancy detection, dimming, daylight linking, scene-setting and blind control, either from a centralized intelligent control panel or a distributed system.

Our lighting control solutions can also integrate with other building systems - HVAC, security, fire, you name it. This integration delivers additional operating efficiencies that optimize energy savings. Just what you'd expect from the global leader in energy management.

Contact us to see what bright ideas can light your way to improved energy efficiencies.

  Relax Yourself!

The home is meant to be your oasis from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Our solutions in this category have been designed to offer instant, at your finger tips control of all key elements of the home that affect one’s senses - such as indoor lighting, outdoor lighting (e.g. motorized curtains) temperature (air conditioning), music… you name it!  Intuitive and user friendly interfaces, and the ability to easily create pre-programmed scenes, all serve to help you relax instantaneously after a hectic day.  

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Calm Your Concern

Our solutions can address your concerns relating to the security of your home from external elements, as well as protect your loved ones in general around the home. We carry a wide variety of products in this category that suit your particular needs and preferences - for example, our finger print locks suit the needs of those who want a hassle free access to their home, or our child and elderly care cameras can provide to you surveillance access even from your office. All these features can also be integrated into one single and simple point of access and control – allowing you to easily and flexibly calm down many of these potential sources of worry.

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  Charge Up Your Spirit

On top of being a place of relaxation, your home should also have the capabilities to easily entertain and charge you up! Our solutions in audio and visual control again allow you a single interface, one touch, intuitive and anywhere around your house ability to switch on and control all elements of music and video in your home. So lie back and let your home fulfill its potential as a true entertainment center!

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  Save Our Nature

Our energy saving features and solutions enable you to effortlessly save on your home electric bills. We do this by adding the “intelligence” into elements of energy consumption around your home – such as turning off various power consuming appliances at optimal times, and using external light for example to optimize you use of indoor lighting etc. Other examples of solutions in this category include occupancy detection, dimming, and blind controls, etc.

So take the first step to try out some of our eco-friendly products and solutions, and start saving not just our planet, but also cut down on expenses at the same time!

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