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Multimedia Touch Screen

Multmedia Touch Screen

Multimedia Touch Screen is a device used to centralize and control the system with a simple touch of the corresponding icons of the various functions that appear on the 10” display (16/9). Multimedia Touch Screen can be used to switch lights On/O, lower or raise the rolling shutters, control the garden watering system, adjust the temperature in the various areas, adjust the volume of the amplifier etc.

It is therefore an interface used to control scenarios, automation, lighting, burglar alarm, temperature control and sound system. The large backlit display is set up as a "home page", with an icon based graphic representation of the applications that can be managed. When an icon is pressed (e.g. lights), a screen appears, showing the icons for the light points to control.

A simple touch of the selected icon will cause the associated lights to go on or off. Multimedia Touch Screen also includes an internal video handset, with video door entry and multimedia functions (playback of audio and video files from external sources, or shared through the LAN network). It manages the polyphonic bells.

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