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Magic Mirror TV

TV in picture frame mirror

Magic Mirror TV is a leading edge technology product which combines a Mirror and TV into One together with ceiling speaker. This complete systems neatly fits even into limited home areas such as Bedrooms and Restrooms.

Mirror TV can be camouflaged into existing structures and space which facilitates creative and elegant design. For examples, TV in Frame handing in living room, TV in Make Up Room Mirror, Wardrobe Mirror and even in Bathroom Mirror (Technologically enhanced with
Anti-Condensation Technology).

TV in Make up room mirror

Furthermore, Mirror TV can be integrated with our Home Intelligent Systems with home automation features, making it as if it were one's own theater.

Add an additional dimension of entertainment by incorporating UASIS’s Mirror TV in your Makeup room!

Mirror TV can be embedded seamlessly into for example Classic style frames, merging audio visual elements elegantly, and not having to compromise on style. Another example of this neat effect is the way it discreetly conceals unsightly electronics, and blends into different interior styles.

Bathroom/ Wardrobe Mirror TV with Anti-condensation technology that allows installation anywhere!


TV in bathroom mirror

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