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Water Proof Bathroom TV

Water Proof Bathroom TV

Enjoy your time with UASIS's Bathroom TV, fully controllable in shower conditions using their Water Proof Touch Buttons and Remote Controls!!

By enveloping yourself also with a set of Wide Dispersion Stereo Speakers and Imaging, turned your bathroom into a Mini Theater!

Every morning, catch the latest News all now available in your Washroom via UASIS's Bathroom TV!

Built in Stereo Speakers allow you to experience the clearest sound, while also saving space, time and cost when compared to traditional external speaker installations.

With its Built-in Swing Arm for left-right, up and down swings, You can enjoy optimized viewing angles, as if connecting people and spaces into one.


BTV has a simple, sleek design and is easy to install:
Qualified product reliability with IP 65 certified for Bathroom TV Using a special Waterproof wallbox and rubber gasket only without sealant required.

  • IP x 7 Remote Controller
  • High-Tech Waterproof Touch Buttons on LCD for TV Control
  • Adjustable Monitor for Optimal Viewing Angle
  • Built-in Stereo Speakers save cost, time and space for installation
  • Thin wall box which requires only 68 and 80mm depth for 10.2” and 17” BTV respectively
  • Silver or Mirror Black Frame with Digital Tuner option available

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