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Company vision

Cypress Systems has been instrumental in driving the movement towards increased adaptation of home control and other intelligent home solutions in Hong Kong. Our mission has been to make technology simple to use around the home, and for people to live better and feel better in their homes.

Through increased product user friendliness, education, publicity of the benefits to consumers, and increased cost to benefit considerations, we have already witnessed the beginning of these solutions and features becoming not a "maybe nice to have" but a "must have" in many homes.

We see this trend accelerating and that home control and intelligent home solutions and product have become synonymous with enhanced "comfort", "convenience", "security", and "energy saving" etc. around the home. And as the market continues to grow, we also see the depth and breadth of products and services in this sector to grow rapidly as well.

We also see smart phones as the control devise of choice by most consumers and hence have continue to investing in R&D and have developed proven product to meet this demand.

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