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Area of business


Systems Integration and Solutions

Via property developers, designers OR directly to end home owners, we also can provide solutions catering to particular segments such as serviced apartments or elderly care facilities.

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Besides providing full systems of home automation, we also sell on behalf of various brands, different home automation products, and other electronic and home related products that add convenience to one's home.

Examples include products such as bathroom TV's, finger print locks and cosmetics cooler


Platform business

Having completed thousands of installations in Hong Kong and for a variety of client types, many of whom have required the integration of different brands of terminal equipments, Cypress Systems has not only accumulated significant know-how in seem-less integration, and has also developed platforms that can be installed into the home premises as a controller and interface.

On top of this, on the User Interface side, we have developed interfaces using the iPhone platform, turning these smart phone devises into convenient controllers of Home automation features.


Property Developer market

As mentioned, we sell our solutions and services to property developers and other institutions (such as service apartments...)


Territories covered

We have completed solutions internationally including the UK, China, and Singapore.


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